Safe Schools and Cate McGregor

In the past week there has been quite a bit of controversy over an article by Cate McGregor in which she speaks out against the Safe Schools program.

Article here:

We at Seahorse Victoria believe that it is misguided to base an argument against the Safe Schools program on the political views of one of its founders, and not on any empirical evidence taken from its actual implementation.

We are also extremely disappointed to see the attacks and vitriol directed at Cate McGregor as a result of her article. It is unrealistic to expect a community that prides itself on diversity to hold a monochromatic view of the world. Our time and energy would be better spent promoting the benefits of Safe Schools, and working towards any improvements that can be made to it.

Margot Fink has written an excellent response to Cate’s article here:

For our part, Seahorse Victoria is a social support group, rather than a political one, and we understand that there is no “correct” way to be transgender. We will support any measures and initiatives towards genuine equality where we are fully respected for who we are, and for what we contribute to society.


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