Louise Hordern Library

Seahorse Victoria has one of the largest, if not the largest collection of transgender themed books in Australia which is growing regularly. The Library was started by Louise Hordern who collected and donated many of the books to the club. Magazines are not listed here, but a varying selection are available for browsing at meetings, but due to their fragile nature cannot be lent out. Please note the catalogue is not complete, and will be updated periodically.

April Ashley’s Odyssey- FALLOWELL, D & ASHLEY, A 1982.
Behold, I am a Woman- COCHRANE, Felicity 1972
Boy George- COHEN, Scott 1984
Boy George- GINSBERG, Merle 1984
Canary- CONN, Canary 1974
Change for the Better (the Story of Georgina Beyer)- CASEY, Cathy 1999 2
Christine Jorgensen, A Personal Autobiography- JORGENSEN, Christine 1967
Crossing: A Memoi-r McCLOSKEY, Deirdre N. 1999
Danny La Rue: Life’s A Drag!- UNDERWOOD, Peter 1975
Desirelines- WHERRETT, Peter & Richard 1997
Fellow No More, A- FELLOES, Traci 1997
Female Within, The (extracts from)- McKINLAY, Alison 1995
From Drags to Riches- LaRUE, Danny 1988
Gathering of Lilacs, A- BURNIE, Robert 1988
Gender Outlaw- BORNSTEIN, Kate 1994
Gender Trap, The- JOHNSON, C & BROWN, C 1982
George & Julia- GRANT, Julia 1980
Geraldine- JAY, Monica 1985
He Did It Her Way- CARLOTTA 1994
He’s My Daughter- LANGLEY, Lynda 2002
Hiding My Candy- CHABLIS, The Lady 1996
How I Became a Woman (newspaper supplement copy-) JORGENSEN, Christine 1953
I Am My Own Woman- MAHLSDORF, Charlotte von 1995
Inside Out- SHALE, Erin 1999
Katherine’s Diary (publ. William Heinemann Australia)- CUMMINGS, Katherine 1992
Katherine’s Diary (publ. Mandarin)- CUMMINGS, Katherine 1993
Lettin It All Hang Out- RuPaul 1995
Low Life in High Heels, A: The Holly Woodlawn Story- WOODLAWN, Holly with COPELAND, Jeffrey 1992
Man Enough to be a Woman- COUNTY, Jayne 1995
Man Into Woman- OAKLEY, Gilbert 1964
Man Into Woman- SIMMONS, Dawn Langley 1971
Memoirs of The Chevalier d’Eon, The- WHITE, Antonia 1970
Mirror Image- HUNT, Nancy 1978
Monsieur d’Eon is a Woman- KATES, Gary 1995
My Story- COSSEY, Caroline 1991
Not Simply Divine!- JAY, Bernard 1993
Orlando’s Sleep- SPRY, Jennifer 1997
Perfect Gentleman, The- ROSE, June 1977
Roberta Cowell’s Story- COWELL, Roberta 1954
Second Serve- RICHARDS, Renee 1983
She’s Not There- BOYLAN, Jennifer Finney 2003
Stephanie, A Girl in a Million- LLOYD, Stephanie Anne 1991
Suits Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton- MIDDLEBROOK, Diane Wood 1998
Transvestite Memoirs of The Abbe de Choisy, The- SCOTT, R. H. F. 1973
Tula: I am a Woman- Tula 1982
Unsinkable Bambi Lake, The- LAKE, Bambi with ORLOFF, Alvin 1996
Vesta Tilley- MAITLAND, Sara 1986

Bisexuality, A Study- WOLFF, Charlotte 1979
Body Shock- HODGKINSON, Liz 1987
Boys Will be Girls- TALAMINI, John T 1982
Changing Ones: Third and Fourth Genders in Native North America- ROSCOE, Will 1998
Changing Sex- HAUSMAN, Bernice 1995
Clinical Study of Heterosexual Male Transvestism- BUHRICH, Neil 1977
Cries From Within- RATNAM, S., GOH, V. & TSOI, W. 1991
Crossdressing, Sex and Gender- BULLOUGH, Vern L. & Bonnie 1993
Difference Between a Man and a Woman, The- LANG, Theo 1973
Fantastic Women- WOODHOUSE, Annie 1989
Fifth Sex, The- DYLAN, Bob & KLING, Janet 1969
Flaws in the Social Fabric- THOMPSON, Denise 1985
Hers and His: Gender Roles in Australia- LINDEN, Richard 1996
Hormones- KIRK, Sheila 1992
Human Aspects of Sexual Deviation, The- CHESSER, Eustace 1971
In Search of Eve- BOLIN, Anne 1988
Insights-NOVAK, Stacy, Transliving International, 2002
Male Femaling- EKINS, Richard 1997
Man and Woman, Boy and Girl- MONEY, John & EHRHARDT, Anke 1972
Men In Dresses- COLEMAN, Vernon 1996
Psychology- ELLIS, Havelock 1933
Puritan Jungle, The- HARRIS, Sara 1970
Sex and Identity- ROSENBERG, B. G. 1972
Sex and the Brain- DURDEN-SMITH, J. c1984
Sex Change- FINLAY, H. A. & WALTERS, W. 1988
Sex Change- KANDO, Thomas 1973
Sex Change and Dress Deviation- OAKLEY, Gilbert 1970
Sexual Deviation- STORR, Anthony 1964
Sexual Identity Conflict in Children and Adults- GREEN, Richard 1975
Sexual Signatures- MONEY, John & TUCKER, Patricia 1977
Sexual Variations- RANDELL, John 1973
Sexuality Leichhardt Women’s Health Centre
Study of Interests & Attitudes of Heterosexual Transvestites, A- RONNENKAMP, Alice B. 1981
Talk Dirty to Me- TISDALE, Sallie 1994
Transgender Emergence: Therapeutic Guidelines- LEV, Arlene Istar 2004
Transgender Research Questionnaire- Boulton & Park Society 1994
Transsexual Empire, The- RAYMOND, Janice G. 1980
Transsexual Phenomenon, The- BENJAMIN, Harry 1966
Transsexualism and Sex Reassignment- ROSS, M. & WALTERS, W. 1986
Transsexualism in Society- LEWINS, Frank 1995
Transsexuality In The Male- KORANYI, Erwin K. 1980
Transsexuals, The- CROWDER, E. C. 1969
Transvestism. A Guide. (Beaumont Trust)- HASLAM, M. T. 1993
Transvestism: A Handbook with Case Studies- BRIERLEY, H. 1979
Transvestite, The- RIDGE, Porter 1971
Transvestite and His Wife, The- PRINCE, Virginia “Charles” 1967
Transvestites and Transsexuals- DOCTER, Richard 1988
Transvestites & Transsexuals- FEINBLOOM, Deborah Heller 1976
Transvestites: The Erotic Drive to Cross Dress (Abridged)- HIRSCHFELD, Magnus
Trans-X-U-All, The Naked Difference- O’KEEFE, Tracie & FOX, Katrina 1997
True Selves- BROWN, M. & ROUNSLEY, C. 1996
Understanding Cross Dressing- PRINCE, Virginia 1981
Uninvited Dilemma, The- STUART, Kim Elizabeth 1983

Beauty Book Australian Women’s Weekly, The- c1978
Beauty Book New Idea- 1993
Beauty Principal, The- PRINCIPAL, Victoria 1984
Big Beauty Book, The- HARPER, Ann & LEWIS, Glenn 1984
Boobs, Boys & High Heels- BRILL, Dianne 1992
Complete Book of Make-up, The- COLLINS, Sarah 1983
Dress Sense- GOSTELOW, Mary 1985
Dressing Up- BERENSON, Marisa 1985
How To Be a Woman Though Male- PRINCE, Virginia 1971
Looking Good, Feeling Beautiful- AVON 1981
Make-up Artist’s Handbook- PALMA, Diego Dalla 1985
Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to be Girls- VERA, Veronica 1997
Practical Help After a Mastectomy- Anita Products
Ten Easy Steps to Perfect Make-up- MEREDITH, Linda 1985
TV World- LLOYD, Stephanie Anne c1987
Twentieth Century Fashion ( McDowell’s Directory of )- McDOWELL, Colin 1984
Women and Beauty- LOREN, Sophia 1984

Acting Like a Girl- BELL, Dawn 1990
Adventures of Leslie, The- GILBERT, Nan
All Dolled Up- THOMAS, Sandy 1990
Always a Bridesmaid- THOMAS, Sandy 1997
Bad Boys Wear Panties- MORRILL, Diane 1992
Barbara- ROMANA 1993
Becoming a Daughter- CREASE, D 1993
Between Two Worlds- EVANS, Olivia 1991
Birth of Barbara, The- Anon. 1972
Born To Be a Bride- LOVE, Kristi 1997
Born To Be a Daughter- HENKIN, Susan 1997
Boy Who Blossomed, The- CREASE, D 1993
Boys To Babes- RAYMOND, Dee 1993
Camping In Curls- TRAIL, Alice 1995
Case of the Accidental Murder, The- Anon
Cheerleader Mascot- Anon 1988
Chris To Chrissie- JERRI 1991
Clan, The- DOUGLAS, James 1997
Danish Girl, The- EBERSHOFF, David 1999
Daughters Only- Anon 1994
Dress For Danny, A- YDNAS 1999
Dressing Up- CREASE, D 1997
Dressing Up Completed- CREASE, D 1997
Enforced Petticoating- BRIGGS, Alice 1987
Fated For Femininity- Anon. c1972
Feminine Appeal- TRAIL, Alice 1994
Feminine Forte- RAYMOND, Dee 1992
Feminine Metamorphosis- WILSON, Wendy 1996
Forced to be a Daughter- CREASE, D 1993
From Martin to Marion- Anon. 1982
Fund Raising Project, The- Anon.
Ghetto Gal- LYNN, Cheryl 1994
Girl By Choice- THOMAS, Sandy 1996
Girlies- THOMAS, Sandy 1994
Girl’s Part, The- THOMAS, Sandy 1993
Hair Today, Gown Tomorrow- BELL, Dawn 1994
Head Over Heels- BELL, Dawn 1994
His First Dress- BLACKWOOD, Anne 1993
Holiday in Heels- THOMAS, Sandy 1992
Husband to Hostess- CREASE, D 1994
Husband to Housewife- THOMAS, Sandy 1992
I Dress, Therefore I Am- WARREN, Sara 1994
I Want What I Want- BROWN, Geoff 1968
Ideal Marriage (Part 1: The Wedding)- RAYMOND, Dee 1978
Ideal Marriage (Part 2: Lucy’s Party)- RAYMOND, Dee 1978
If You Can’t Lick ‘Em, Join ‘Em (Part 1: Down to Defeat)- Anon. 1973
If You Can’t Lick ‘Em, Join ‘Em (Part 2: Marilyn Makes It)- Anon. 1973
It’s All In The Family- Anon. 1990
Just Another Girl- TRAIL, Alice 1998
Just Like a Woman- THOMAS, Sandy 1989
Learning To Be a Daughter- CREASE, D 1993
Letting His Hair Down- BELL, Dawn 1996
Like A Daughter- TRAIL, Alice 1993
Like Mother, Like Son- BELL, Dawn 1997
Living Doll, A- BELL, Dawn 1996
Maid Up- THOMAS, Sandy 1990
Makeover, The- THOMAS, Sandy 1993
Male Crossdresser Support Group, The- JANOWITZ, Tama 1992
Me . . . And Jill- WILSON, Joanne
Miss-ing Passport- THOMAS, Sandy 1988
Mistaken for a Daughter- NIKKI 2000
Mistaken for a Girl- NIKKI 2000
Mother’s New Daughter- THOMAS, Sandy 1998
My Bosum Buddy- CREASE, D 1994
My Sister’s Shadow- WOOD, Lauren 1993
My Son, the Bridesmaid- BELL, Dawn 1991
My Son, the Debutante- BELL, Dawn 1993
Near Miss- VICKIE 1997
Not Enough Girls- THOMAS, Sandy 1989
One of the Girls- THOMAS, Sandy 1992
Pat Goes Co-Ed- THOMAS, Sandy 1988
Pretty As You Please- BELL, Dawn 1994
Room for a Change- WARREN, Annie 1988
Schoolgirl in the Secret Service, A- Anon. 1972
Schooling in Skirts- RICHARDS, Kymberleigh 1989
Schoolmates- NELSON, Elizabeth Anne 1993
Sisters Forever- ANNE, Kelly 1999
Skirt For a Flirt- SPELVIN, G. 1990
Slink or Swim- BELL, Dawn 1994 2
Steroid- JAMESGUARD, Liz 1990
String of Pearls: Stories about cross-dressing- AYRES, Tony (ed.) 1996
Substitute Daughter- THOMAS, Sandy 1987
Sunday Best- RUBENS, Bernice 1974
Taking Her Place- LOVE, Kristi 1999
Tales From a Pink Mirror- Anon. c1972
That’a Girl- THOMAS, Sandy 1991
Trans-sister Radio- BOHJALIAN, Chris 2000
Turnabout Party, The- Anon. 1972
Vow of Femininity- ANN, Brenda 1991
With Mother’s Help- WARREN, Sara 1995

Anticlimax- JEFFREYS, Sheila 1990
Around The World in a Skirt- HORDERN, Louise 1989
Be Yourself: Love, Sex & You- WOOTTEN, Vicki 1985
Changing Channels?- HORTON, David 1994
Cross-Dressing Questions and Answers- HORDERN, Louise 1992
Crossdressing With Dignity- RUDD, Peggy J. 1993
Crossing the Stage: Controversies on cross-dressing- FERRIS, Lesley (ed.) 1993
Drag- BAKER, Roger 1994
Drag Queen Scene, The- PERKINS, Roberta 1983
Drag Queens of New York, The- FLEISHER, Julian 1996
Drag Scene, The- MONTMORENCY, Desmond 1970
Drag Show- Currency Press 1977
Dressing Up- ACKROYD, Peter 1979
Electoral & Administrative Review Commission Submission- PETRIE, Kerrie Joy 1992
First 25 Years, The- LARDNER, Susan 2000
Handbook for Speakers on Crossdressing- PRINCE, Virginia 1987
Hollywood Androgyny- BELL-METEREAU, Rebecca 1993
Letters From Female Impersonators, Vol 15- Nutrix Corp. 1964
Living Out Loud- WILLET, Graham 2000
Men in Frocks- KIRK, Kris & HEATH, Ed 1984
My Husband Wears My Clothes- RUDD, Peggy 1989
Other Women, The- KAY, Barry 1976 2
Response To “My Husband Likes Dressing in Women’s Clothes”,- A HORDERN, C. L. c1988
Sex Anyone? (cartoon book)- DENNIS, Charles H. 1968
Speaking As a Woman- LAING, Alison 1989
Study of Transvestism and Transsexualism: Causes and Management,- A HORDERN, L 1987
Toward a Recognition of Androgyny- HEILBRUN, Carolyn G. 1973
Trans Liberation- FEINBERG, Leslie 1998
Transformations- ALLEN, Mariette Pathy 1989
Transgender Phenomenon, The- KNOETZ, M c1989
Transgender Warriors- FEINBERG, Leslie 1996
Transvestism Around the World- Anon. 1964
Transvestism Within a Partnership of Marriage and Families- SINCLAIR, Yvonne 1984
Transvestites in Indonesia- OETOMO, Dede et al.
Venus Castina- BULLIET, C. J. 1956
Vested Interests- GARBER, Marjorie 1993
Whalebone to See-Through- COLMER, Michael 1979
What a Drag -DICKENS, Homer 1982
Who’s Really from Venus? The Tale of Two Genders- RUDD, Peggy 1998
Who’s Who in the Transgender Community 1993- Creative Design Services 1993
Who’s Who & Resource Guide 1994- Creative Design Services 1994

Glen or Glenda: (rec. B&W) 1953 Feature Film
M2F: A Journey in Gender Identity 2003 Documentary
TransAmerica: 2005 Feature Film